Death Tokes

by Death Tokes

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This was recorded in 3 different bedrooms across Brighton. The songs are a selection of tracks written over two years.


released March 16, 2017

All songs written, engineered, mixed and mastered by Charles Sloper.

Thank you to Isaac for your ears, Jacko and Tucker for jamming out Slowman with me and figuring out the ending, and Sam for coming up with the name.



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Death Tokes Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Substance
Most rivers don't flow both ways
I find my spent time unrequited by unintended narcissistic plays
Everybody just stays
In their homes in hope and peace for future days
They're doing their best

I'm just not content with that life
I want to do so much more than just stick out the grind to get by
Make the most vibrant dreams spark and flare into life
Though my goddamn heart's in splinters it's got to be goodbye

Find the sun outside your home
'cause it's a little less lucid in the smoke that you roam
Hollow hearts get filled alone
With substance
Find the sun outside your home
Because your window panes won't warm up your bones
Hollow hearts get filled alone
With substance

You don't deserve this shit from anyone
Let alone the people who pose as and call themselves your friends
You've got to get a little harder, smarter, don't be like your father
Let the ones you love, love you like you can't do to yourself
But do to everybody else

You want to find some truth in this?
Then tell me
Track Name: Slowman
Never thought I would learn the spin of a spiral so well
Wish I could lift you to my lips and love you like I did when we were kids
What's one last time?
Why lie, I can't leave you behind
A lie, one more time, a dime, I'm gonna

My mother told me "be true"
I think I can say I failed you

Your best isn't all that you say it's meant to be
Your breath's flooding through my lungs and
It's got the best of me

I love my friends so much but they don't feel the same
They still love the old ways but again I've changed
I think that I should leave
Track Name: Melissa McCall
"Search the world in five years time
Don't forget or regret, just live"
This latter line will erode and support my life 'till I die
Someone once said to me that when love is gone, oh, it's gone
Like a flame stolen by wind, the light and warmth die, soundless and abrupt
But I just think our mistakes are too fresh
Time will fade the pain
But love will stay as granite does through the howling rain

I'm obsessed with summer romances
Sun-kissed hearts and promises
Explosions in your chest
And fire on your lips
My mind's missed since your lie tied in a kiss
I know our hope is gone
But I'm content to kid myself and pretend that life goes on

And have you ever loved someone, so much, you'd break their heart along with yours?
So you didn't mix and fade their light along with you

'cause I just think our mistakes are too fresh
Time can't fade the pain
The distance makes it seem harder every day.